We have rapidly expanded to become a leading supplier and service provider in South Africa



Supply and distribution are the two main services offered at Ctech Engineering & Services, we supply a wide range of industrial automation, control & electrical equipment. We believe that understanding each customer's unique requirements, while presenting industry specific know-how, is critical to providing tailored functional solutions and products all at a very reasonable price. With our highly knowledgeable technical sales and support team we have positioned ourselves to provide clients with the best, fastest and cost effective supply service in Africa.


Road construction is a very important infrastructure in South Africa and there are many areas which still require access roads, Ctech Engineering & Services has vast expertise in this area and has undertaken a large majority of road construction projects. We carry out earthworks and road construction projects of all kinds. Our competences cover everything from consultancy and planning to execution and maintenance. On every project we consider how to achieve more with less. Techniques such as screening surface soils and recycling aggregate material can reduce the need for transport to and from the site — which not only reduce emissions and resource costs but limit disruption to local residents.


Ctech Engineering & Services also specializes in, bulk earthworks, bulk supply pipelines, voncrete structures, wastewater treatment works, demolition work, Solar plants, Hydro plants, Wind farms, Bio gas plants and all general construction service.